1 Way MATV Indoor Tap 5-2400MHz (various dB)


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MATV Indoor Tap 1 Way – 5-2400MHz

RF Taps are commonly used in commercial or complex RF distribution networks. Where a splitter splits the signal evenly, a tap splits the signal unevenly.

See PDF above for specifications


For example: A 10 storey hotel has antenna mounted on the roof  the antenna signal runs down a riser and splits off at each floor. If a standard splitter were used at the top floor then half of the signal would go to level 10, while half of the signal goes on to floors 1-9. This is not a desirable situation and would lead to an unbalanced system where the signal levels on floor 10 would be high and the signal levels on floor 1 would be low. In this situation a tap would be used. In this example, the OUT port would continue down the riser, and the TAP port would be used for each floor. In the 10 floor hotel, a higher tap rating (ie 25dB) would be used at the top and lower tap ratings (ie 5dB) used for the lower floor

Tap Stock Numbers

8dB 506108
10dB 506110
12dB 506112
15dB 506115
20dB 506120
25dB 506125


Additional information

Tap dB

8dB, 10dB, 12dB, 15dB, 20dB, 25dB