PCT APF-TRSF-6L Foxtel Compression Connector



PCT APF-TRSF-6L Foxtel F-Type Compression Connector

PCT APF-TRSF-6L Foxtel F Type Connector is a compression style F-connector for use with  RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Cable.
Available in a single connector or a pack of 50 connectors.


  • DOCSIS 4.0 – ALL PCT Connectors are built for the DOCSIS 3.1 to 4.0 transition and beyond
  • Continuous Ground – Improved ground contact both when tight and loose
  • Enhanced Shielding – Improved shielding effectiveness when loose
  • Torque Retaining – Built in lock washer keeps the connection tight
  • Tested to ANSI/SCTE, ASTM and Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) Standards – The only coaxial connector that meets Telcordia’s loosening torque specification
  • All Metal Design – 100% brass construction
  • Dual O-Ring Design – Delivers a superior barrier against moisture intrusion
  • Metal Compression Rings – Stay compressed and won’t break down

FOXTEL has mandated a change to the F-type connectors certified for use in cable and satellite installations.

APFTRSF6L connector is to be used exclusively in FOXTEL installations. This single RG6 F-type connector has been certified for use on ALL satellite and cable installations. This certification covers all domestic, MDU and commercial installations.

Sciteq SKU 601032

For further details refer to FOXTEL’s Engineering Bulletin EB# 10-011 (rev 1.0)
Foxtel Approval No: F30574
Telstra Approved

Suitable to use with the following tools:
PCT-AIO-CT Compression tool

PCT-RH-CT Compression Tool

Hanlong HT-H549G1 Compression Tool

About PCT International

PCT International was founded in 1997 in Arizona, with modest beginnings in a small office with four (4) desks. Founder Steve Youtsey had a vision for creating “Innovation for the Last Mile.” Since its founding, that vision has played a crucial role in the broadband coaxial and fiber optic cable industry, with PCT leading the pack in product design and manufacturing.

Over the past 25 years, PCT has developed a full line of patented products that serves “The Last Mile” — that final segment of fiber optic or coaxial cable system for signal transmission leading in and out of neighborhoods and business districts through major trunk lines and dropping into the end-user’s business or home.

PCT has brought these inventions and ground-breaking products through a visionary and intentional plan of growth and innovation



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