WA VAST Satellite Headend Package


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This VAST Satellite Headend package consists of

2 x Ikusi HTL-STC Satellite DVBS2 to DVBT Transmodulators
2 x VAST 10 CH Cams

1 x Ikusi HPA-125 High Power Amplifier
1 x Ikusi CFP-900 Power Supply
1 x Ikusi UNIBASE Mount


and provides the full WA VAST selection of channels. (Other states will require more transmodulator models)

This headend requires a satellite input, and will output in a DVB-T MPEG4 standard. This means you can run it through an exisiting coaxial cable networks and input directly into the DVB-T Tuner (MPEG4) of a Digital TV – no need for satellite receivers, set top boxes.

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Installation Example.

A motel in a rural area has an exisiting coaxial cable system distributing TV to every room. The area was previously served by an analogue transmitter, but was switched to satellite during the digital switchover. The motel can either install VAST receivers in every room, and fit a satellite distribution amplifier, or fit a Satellite Transmodulator headend such as this one (provided every room has a MPEG4 Digital TV Fitted)

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